Virtual Flight Training

Elite PremAir Virtual offers a variety of practical training, ground school courses from basic training to advanced aviation principles as well as a library of reference and resource materials.  We also have a series of videos that demonstrate the principles of flight and flight management.

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Courses cover a variety of topics from basics of flying to advanced aviation principles.  Successful completion of a course will be recognized - so start your journey of learning real-world aviation all of which can be applied to the sim world.  Progress through the ranks with each course do and successfully complete the written and practical exams.

Practical Training

Our real-world and seasoned sim pilots can help you learn 'in the seat' of your aircraft and help you master aviation and navigation skills, GPS, FMC and other navigational aids and aviation communication.

Resources and Reference

Get information on a wide range of subjects including communications techniques, METAR interpretation, rules of thumb for aviation and aircraft-specific manuals and references.

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