Elite PremAir Virtual Airline
Training and Testing

Elite PremAir Virtual Airline offers training in a variety of forms -
  • Personalized one-on-one flight instruction and training

  • The Elite PremAir Ground School where you can earn recognition for each course you complete - Find out more at our Training & Education page.

  • Instructional videos including -

    • PMDG 737 Basic Training - a four part series on programming and using the PMDG 737 Flight Management Computer (FMC)

    • VOR Navigation - Two videos on VOR and NDB basics plus three videos that demonstrate VOR navigation techniques

    • NDB Navigation - The same two introductory videos that are included with the VOR Navigation series plus three videos on the basics of navigation by NDB using the ADF

    • Flying an Approach - Nine videos that cover subjects that include:

      • Reading an Approach Plate

      • Procedure Turns

      • Standard Pattern Approach

      • ILS Approach (two parts demonstrating three different entries to the same ILS approach)

      • A Teardrop Procedure Turn Approach

      • A DME Arc Approach (demonstates three different entries to a DME arc)

      • An NDB Approach at Minimums

      • An interesting ILS approach to the old Quito (SEQU) airport runway 35

Elite PremAir Virtual Airline performs initial and qualification testing as you progress up the ranks -

  • The initial Crew Test

    When you join Elite PremAir Virtual Airline you will take an initial test that demonstrates you have basic knowledge of:

    • Elite PremAir Virtual Airline Policies and Rules 

    • Basic aircraft instruments

    • Basics of an airport layout and runway selection - You should understand how runways are identified and how to know which runway is the active runway based on wind direction.  If you are not sure ask a fellow pilot or flight instructor.

    • The four forces of flight

    • Common terms and abbreviations (all that 'ILS, VFR, FAA, IMC, FMC, NDB' stuff)

  • Pre-Check Ride Written Exams

    Before each regular check ride starting with the Cessna 172 and as you progress into increasingly complex aircraft you will first take a pre-check ride written exam.  These exams will test your knowledge of:

    • The aircraft you are flying - key speeds, fuel management, function of instruments, etc.

    • Principles of aviation - starting with the basics and progressing to more complex subjects as you advance in rank

    • Flight planning and navigation - adding topics and complexity as you progress through more complex aircraft

You can find more information on our Check Ride Information page.