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Elite PremAir Virtual offers education and training in several areas.  In addition to the sim ground school courses listed below practical instruction and testing in the simulator can also be provided.  The principles of communication at non-towered airports and pilot - ATC communication are also covered.  Note that this is not intended as a substitute for real-world training and the principles and practices provided within the simulator environment may not apply to the current real-world aviation rules and practices.  Furthermore, the simulator flying rules and principles are based on FAA regulations and training and may differ considerably from those used by other regulatory aviation authorities or organizations.

Below are the courses currently available.  It is recommended that you take the courses in the order listed.

The fundamentals all pilots should know.  Three lessons cover the fundamentals of flight, an introduction to aircraft instrument function and interpretation and basic principles of VFR flying.

This course consists of three lessons, the first covers the basics of VFR charts and navigation along with a general overview of METAR interpretation and correction for winds.  There is also a lesson on navigation by VOR and a third lesson on navigation by ADF - a prerequisite to our advanced course in flying a non-precision approach.

This includes three lessons -

  • SIDs, STARs and Airways

  • Reading Approach Plates

  • Holding Pattern Entries and Rules of Thumb

Covering additional subjects and flight procedures as well as a more in-depth understanding of topics covered in previous courses, the Advanced Aviation Knowledge and Practice course will challenge even experienced pilots.

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Other Training, Testing and Resources

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