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Bedlam In Boston Poke Run (1)

EPV is hosting a very special event for Boston Hub. 'Bedlam in Boston Poker Run' is a one of a kind event like no other! we will be flying our King Air 350 aircraft from Boston to many local airfields around the area.
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Bedlam In Boston Poke Run (1)

Time & Location

Time is TBD
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About the Event

Pilots start at a common airport in the Beechcraft King Air 350. Five required airports are on the main Poker run. Each pilot must fly and land at each of the required airports. At each airport, the pilot clears the runway and “draws” a card by announcing he is clear of the runway. The event coordinator will then draw a card from the deck and the pilot will receive the card through a private message in the Teamspeak chat box. The pilot then is then cleared to depart for the next required airport. After landing at each of the five of the required airports, the pilot has the option of flying back to the starting airport if he is satisfied with his five card Poker hand or may opt to go to one of the two bonus airports to exchange a card in his hand for another one drawn from the deck.

The two bonus airports are more difficult to get into than the required airports. One bonus airport is also more difficult than the other bonus airport, so the pilot must choose which bonus airport he wants to attempt to fly into based on the bonus airport options that will be announced at the starting of the event.

If the pilot crashes at one of the bonus airports on landing, he loses his chance to select a new card and must keep what cards he received at the required airports. He must then return to the starting airport.

When all pilots have returned to the starting airport, the winning hand will be announced.

The starting and ending point will be Boston (KBOS). The five required airports are (in no particular order): well be announced prior to the race to give time to prepare.

All pilots must start and end at KBOS. The required airports may be flown in any order. At the last required airport, the pilot must decide if he wants to fly to a bonus airport or return to the starting point. The bonus airports and options will be described after the start of the event.

The event begins at 1400 GMT on Nov 3. Please arrive a few minutes early. The event is expected to require two to three hours to complete.


An advance registration is required to participate in this event. To register for this event, simply go to the Facebook Elite Premair web site look for the link and register.

The Event has a minimum of ten Pilots, open to all pilots that are registered with VA financials. Event Coordinator will be exempt from winning the prize

We look forward to seeing you at KBOS Boston

Please Note: You will need to sign up at or before Saturday 3rd November at 1000hrs EST. This way we can accurately establish the amount of pilots flying at the 'Bedlam in Boston' Event.

All organized by Michael,Joe, Hazardous Toast and SkySurfer. All thanks to the Upper Management of EPV to make this Event Possible.

Our Prize pool is stashed with lots of goodies including:

1. 1x PMDG Boeing 777 FSX/P3D 32bit

2. 1x Carenado S550 Citation II FSX/P3D

Please fill in this form made for the 'Bedlam in Boston' EVENT: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1R1GPTcaoRCSMDtxP_f6jC0rVyXaAI0m82ZfE72hPgss

Registration is Closed

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