Elite PremAir Virtual Airline
Registration Agreement and Rules

Welcome to the beginning of the Elite recruitment process. Your application will consist of entering information such as your name, email address, location information, with an entrance exam that will determine if your application is accepted.

Elite PremAir Virtual has a high volume of applications for our virtual airline and we only accept new members who are enthusiastic about flying with us and want to progress through our ranks.

Please read all of the information below.  At the bottom there is a button to click where you attest that you have read and will comply with these and all other rules of Elite PremAir Virtual Airline.  When you click that button you will be taken to the Pilot Application site where you will complete a very brief application form.

  1. Definitions

    1. We and Our - Refers to EPVA or EPV Flight Club and any of its staff members.

    2. You and Your - Refers to the pilots that fly for EPV Airlines, guests and visitors.

    3. LOA - Refers to Leave of Absence.

    4. VAFS5 Client - Refers to the flight tracking system used to record all flights flown for EPVA.

  2. Age

    1. Age Requirements - You must be at least 16 years of age to join EPV Airlines, fly for the VA and/or utilize EPV TeamSpeak Server. 

    2. If we discover that you purposely deceived us, with respect to your age, to gain access to our member areas, you will be removed from our roster and website access immediately and without warning. 

  3. Pilots

    1. Prospective pilots must submit a brief application in order to be considered and approved for hire.

    2. All applicants must have a valid email address. Applicants will not be accepted without a valid email address. You must report a change of email to our Human Resources Director. All email address will be kept confidential and only used by approved staff members.

    3. We expect you to have basic knowledge of flight, the aircraft you operate on behalf of EPVA. Pilots should possess basic navigation skills.

    4. Once you are accepted as a pilot at EPV Airlines, fly your first flight within 7 days of being accepted as an EPV Airline pilot and file a PIREP for that flight.

    5. All pilots are subject to a Checkride by one of our approved Flight Instructors, in order fly for our airline and to move to the next rank. Pilots must obtain the required amount of hours in order to request a Checkride. Obtaining the necessary hours for any given rank does not automatically promote you to that rank. You must complete and pass a Checkride associated with that rank. You must receive a recommendation from the approved Flight Instructor that administered your Checkride. That recommendation will be sent to our HR Department for processing. All promotions are given on the 1st and 15th of the month after your recommendation is approved. Pilots are eligible for one promotion at a time. Once you are given a promotion, you will not be eligible for another promotion for a period of 20 days from your last promotion.

    6. EPVA pilots must use Callsign “Noble Flight” when flying for EPVA in an Air Traffic Controlled Environment.

  4. Record of Flight
    In order to log hours for the VA, you must utilize the ACARs system available for download from the VA website called VAFS5 Client or other accepted ACARS programs from VAFinancials.net

  5. Flight Activity

    1. You must fly at least 3 flights per month for the VA. There is no minimum distance for these flights, however, they do have to originate and end at a published route within VAFS5 Client. EPVA reserves the right to remove pilots without notice who do not meet these requirements.

    2. Pilots must fly the type aircraft that is published for a specific flight number. Failure to fly the type aircraft published for a particular flight number will be rejected. There is one exception to this rule. Routes that specify an A321, A320, A319 or A318 to be flown, pilots may fly a 737-800 as a subtitute. Similarly, any flights that specify a 737-800 to be flown, pilots may fly an A321, A320, A319 or A318 (as long as range and aircraft capacity permits). PIREPs will be accepted in this case only.

    3. Pilots may amend the preferred routing for a particular route.

    4. Time acceleration is not permitted. All PIREPs that register time acceleration in the flight log will be rejected.

    5. Required Landing Rates for PIREP acceptance

      1. Jets - Landing rates exceeding -400 fpm will not be accepted.

      2. Props - Landing rates exceeding -300 fpm will not be accepted.

    6. PIREP Comments must be added when unusual circumstances occur that causes pilot to execute a Go-Around procedure.

    7. The use of unlimited fuel, during a VA flight is strictly prohibited. Anyone using ths technique will be subject to any and all disciplinary terms stated in this agreement.

  6. PIREP

    1. Will be reviewed and approved by your Hub Manager.

    2. Pilots are required to respond to Hub Manager comments appearing in the comments section of the PIREP.

  7. Leave of Absence
    Pilots may apply for a leave of absence from their Hub Managers if they are not going to fly for a period of 2 months or more. If a pilot has not flown for a month and anticipates that they will not be flying for a period of 30 days following the month the pilot has already not recorded any flights then we recommend that the pilot apply for an LOA. Pilots who apply for an LOA will not be removed from the roster.

  8. Transfer Hours
    All pilots will be allowed to transfer up to 50 hours flown on another VA. Proof of your prior flights and hours must be verifiable. A link to the other VA's site showing your hours will be accepted. Please contact the HR Director to coordinate your transfer hours. 

  9. TeamSpeak
    EPVA pilots may utilize our Teamspeak server (elitepremairvirtual.ddns.net; operated by Elite PremAir Virtual Flight Club) when flying for EPVA or otherwise. There are other activities being conducted within this Teamspeak server by Elite PremAir Virtual Flight Club that are not to be interrupted by anyone flying for EPVA. There are channels dedicated to EPVA and should be utilized by EPVA pilots to communicate and discuss matters pertaining to EPVA.

  10. Conduct

    1. Pilots representing Elite PremAir Virtual Airline are prohibited from threatening, harassing, abusing, intimidating or stalking others or to otherwise violate the legal rights of others, including expectations to the rights of privacy and publicity in the course of representing Elite PremAir Virtual Airlines. Individuals violating this rule are subject to removal from Elite PremAir Virtual Airlines.

    2. Any EPVA Pilot or EPV Flight Club Member who has had disciplinary action taken against them is not eligible any staff position within EPVA or EPV Flight Club. Applicants for staff and managerial positions must be at least 18 years of age and will be interviewed for the position that is being sought. 

  11. Complaints
    All complaints must be handled through our Human Resources Department. Complaints and/or grievances will be handled in a confidential manner. We recommend that if there is an issue with you and another member, pilot or guest, bring the matter to the attention of anyone in the Human Resources Department so that the matter can be dealt with in accordance with Elite PremAir's policies.

  12. Hub Transfers

    1. You will be eligible to transfer another hub once you have accumulated 16 hours of approved PIREPs.

    2. Any pilots wanting to transfer to a different HUB must request the transfer through the HR Department  via email or airmail.