Virtual Piloting 

At Its Best

Elite PremAir Virtual is an online community that utilizes Mircrosoft Flight Simulator (CD or Steam) P3D (v3 and v4) and X-Plane to simulate the all aspects of the aviation world in a virtual environment.


Things We Do Around Here

Virtual Flight

Learn how to pilot single engine props to a commercial airliner.  We offer ground school and practical training on a broad range of topics.  (Not meant for Real World Aviation)

Aviation Tools & Resources

Useful web sites, applications and reference materials at your fingertips.

Group Flights & Hop Sessions

Have fun flying along side your fellow EPV members for a day of relaxing sight seeing group flights.

Member Support

Chat with one of our Support Team Members, who will be happy to assist you.  Look for the Member Support Channel in TeamSpeak.

Virtual Airline

Join our virtual airline and fly passengers and cargo around the world.  


Communication software that enables members to hang out/chat, as well as organize flights together. 


“Phenomenal group of people that if you know for five minutes, you become family.”

Ray B.

Want to Become a Virtual Airline Pilot?

Start your virtual pilot career here at Elite PremAir Virtual Airlines.  Imagine being at the controls of a commercial airliner that is scheduled to fly passengers and cargo from Miami to Boston.  Preflight, fuel planning, route planning, weight balancing, everything a real-world pilot would have to go through before cleared for take off! The realism is unreal.