Elite PremAir
Virtual Airline

Elite PremAir Virtual Airlines, based out of Miami, Florida, was founded in March 2015 by Audie Silcott and Randy Haynes. Their group consists of real-world and Sim pilots with over 25 years experience in the simulation community as well as the real-world.

With hubs in Miami, Boston, San Francisco, London, San Juan and Dallas, EPV utilizes state of the art ACARS system, which raises the level of realism for a better flight experience.

Want to Become a Virtual Airline Pilot?

Start your virtual pilot career here at Elite PremAir Virtual Airlines.  Imagine being at the controls of a commercial airliner that is scheduled to fly passengers and cargo from Miami to Boston.  Preflight, fuel planning, route planning, weight balancing, everything a real-world pilot would have to go through before cleared for take off! The realism is unreal.