Airspace Invaders

The Elite PremAir Virtual Airspace Invaders are a unique and skilled group of pilots who enjoy challenging our colleagues at VATSIM while they challenge themselves to fly by real-world navigation and piloting rules.  The Airspace Invaders present as an organized group in VATSIM controlled airspace and provide a large volume of traffic in a relatively short period of time for the controllers to handle.  Understanding of IFR flight planning and navigation is essential to the success of the Airspace Invaders' mission.

Implicit in this is that you must be registered on VATSIM and have a current ID and password to connect to the VATSIM network.

Membership in the Elite PremAir Virtual Airspace Invaders group is by invitation.  Those who wish to be considered for member ship are required to successfully complete two lessons from our IFR Flight Planning and Navigation course:

SIDs, STARs and Airways  and

Basic of Reading Approach Plates

Once you have passed the exams on the two subjects above you can request to be a candidate for membership in the Airspace Invaders.

CURRENT MEMBERS: Current Airspace Invader members who wish to upgrade to be part of the Airspace Invaders - Certified  group can do so by successfully completing the two tests above. 

You can identify the Certified group members by the distinctive gold 'A' icon next to the standard blue Airspace Invaders icon -

When you are ready to take the first test contact an administrator or flight instructor to obtain a registration code.  Once you have the code go to the Elite PremAir Test Site by clicking here - Test Site Link

NOTE:  If you want to earn the rewards associated with being an Elite PremAir Certified Virtual Pilot you must first complete the first course on the Basics of Aviation, then complete the remaining lesson in the IFR Flight Planning and Navigation course plus the practical exam.  For more information on becoming an Elite PremAir Virtual Pilot visit the Elite PremAir Virtual Pilot page.  If your participation in the Certified Virtual Pilot program and have successfully completed the lesson on SIDs, STARs and Airways and Reading Approach Plates there is no need to re-take the exams.  You will automatically be a candidate to be a Certified Airspace Invader.