Advanced Aviation Knowledge & Practice

The Advanced Aviation and Knowledge course consists of two parts - a theoretical knowledge part and a demonstration of your skills and knowledge applied to a series of exercises as describe below.

When you are ready to take the first written exam contact an administrator or flight instructor to be transferred to the Advanced Aviation Principles & Practice group on the test site.  You do not need a code and do not need to register on the test site again.  Once you have been transferred to the group go to the Elite PremAir Test Site by clicking here - Test Site Link.  This link will give you access to all tests in this group but you should take the test only after you are confident you have an understanding of material in the associated lesson.

When you are ready to take the practical exam contact one of the flight instructors or an administrator to make arrangements.

Pilots who fly for the Elite PremAir Virtual Airline can find the flight hours awarded for completion of the written part of the course the additional flight hours for the practical exam along with the rank minimum ranks that it apply to each (those above that rank can also get flight hour credit) on the Pilot Ranks and Requirements page.

The Advanced Aviation Knowledge course includes the subject matter covered in the first three courses plus additional topics including understanding airspace, ground operations and the theoretical aspects of procedure turns and flying an approach.

A challenging practical exam where you will be asked to apply the information you have learned in the Advanced Aviation Knowledge course and from previous courses and lessons

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